Poland Spring Natural Spring Water (16.9 oz., 40 pk.)


Per pack.

Keep hydrated and feeling your best with Poland Spring 100% Natural Spring Water. This bulk package of individual water bottles is a welcomed addition to homes, offices, schools, and stores and is made with water from Poland Spring’s trusted natural spring sources.


About Poland Spring 100% Natural Spring Water

For over 150 years, Poland Spring has distributed pure drinking water from its natural spring water source in Maine, from where it still bottles its delicious water. This package includes 40 16.9-ounce bottles of crisp, mineral-rich natural spring water, plenty to supply at work, school, or as a great water resource in your home.


Why Buy Natural Spring Water?

Drinking plenty of water throughout the day is the simplest way to ensure you’re hydrated. Bottled spring water is naturally filtered, unlike tap water. This bulk pack of natural spring water can also be used for resale in vending machines and convenience stores.


Is Poland Spring 100% Natural Spring Water Best for Hydration?

Yes, drinking natural spring water is a healthy way to keep your body hydrated. Natural spring water is free of calories, sugar, fat and sodium.


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