Avocado (Hass)



These avocados have a superb texture, flavor nutritional value and versatility in cooking. More than just a fad food, avocados are adored by people across the world for their decadent flavor and seamless blending into various recipes.


The avocado is beloved for its high nutrient value, creamy texture and undeniably unique flavor. Creamy and rich, the avocado is a multi-use stone fruit with a savory, one-of-a-kind taste that pairs well with so many meals, whether it’s the star or the accompaniment. Full of nutrients and healthy fats, thisĀ all-natural, good-for-you fruit can be sliced up on a sandwich or salad, or smashed into guacamole alongside tacos or tortilla chips. Better yet, grab a spoon, add a sprinkle of pepper and salt, and enjoy this tasty fruit all by itself.

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