Apples (Fuji)



Fuji Apples are a wholesome and tasty snack. Sweet and firm with juicy flesh, they are also good for baking. This bag is great for large families or small businesses like bakeries or daycare centers. High in fiber, serve this fruit to the kids after school or before bedtime to curb hunger.


Hints of Honey and Citrus

Kids will really appreciate the honey flavor and sugary taste of this red fuji apple. It also has a slight tartness, which gives it a little citrusy tang.


Are Fuji Apples Sold Year-Round?

Fuji Apples are produced by farmers year-round. Turn them into candy apples in the fall, or fry them as apple rings in the winter. You can also make them into a cake, muffins or apple crisps. For a quick summer treat, dip them in caramel sauce or chocolate.


Fuji Apples Nutrition

Fuji Apples are a nutritious addition to any diet. Along with being a good source of fiber, these apples contain both vitamins A and C.

Fuji Apples in Other Recipes

Along with snacking and baking, this fresh fruit can be included in a number of savory meal recipes. Add them to your chicken salad and serve it on croissants to make a hearty and delicious sandwich. Fuji apples also make a wonderful butternut squash and apple soup. When baked with pork chops or chicken, they will give your dish a gourmet look and flavor.

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